Consultation over your style of planting, together with my knowledge of practicality and design, will achieve a manageable, year-round, attractive garden.

As this is my speciality, I carry out all purchasing and planting of the garden myself.

I can also offer long term maintenance advice as the garden matures.

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meadow garden planting

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Tips for Plant Choice

Purchasing Plants

Donít visit the garden centre and buy most of your plants at once, as the tendency will be, if you havnít prior knowledge of the plants, that you may purchase the specimens that look attractive on that day, resulting in your garden looking interesting for a short period only.
Visit a quality garden throughout the year making notes of plants that interest you, re-visiting regularly to watch how they develop. Some might just die back and look quite unattractive, whereas others may develop interesting foliage, colours and shapes and earn their place in your garden.

Purchasing Trees

Investigate to what height the tree will reach on maturity before buying. A tree with a large potential size will require regular pruning to keep it smaller, unless you want a large tree.

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